Ground Coffee Bagging Machine

Model No : PAC – A100


The PAC - A100 is the best solution for fast and accurate packaging of ground coffee.

PAC - A100 is the easiest weighing system to use and maintain in the packaging industry.

With PAC - A100, powder and similar products of all kinds of micronized structure are packed smoothly and resolutely in all kinds of ready-made packages, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Designed to help your business growth by increasing its operational power, the PAC - A100 can be used in a standalone configuration or integrated with other equipment on your production line.
Filling capacity 50 – 2000 g
Speed 10 – 20 pcs./min.
Accuracy +/- 1 – 3 g
Package material OPP – CPP – alüminium foil – polyethylen etc.
Package lenght 80 – 400 mm
Package width 50 – 280 mm
Voltage requirement 380V 50Hz
Total motor power  4.5 KW
Air comsumption 6 – 8 bar 300 lt./min.
Machine dimensions 150 x 140 x 190 cm
Machine weigth 550 kg
  • Expert workmanship and modern production techniques
  • Long-lasting, high-quality motor
  • First-class electronic products
  • Strong, electrostatic powder coated steel construction body
  • Stainless steel product contact points
  • Quick release product discharge chute
  • Adjustable packaging stand
  • Maximum product output
  • High accuracy
  • Quiet operation
  • Controllable auger filling unit for accurate filling
  • Easy product discharging with pedal
  • Easy to installation and operation
  • Open frame style for observable system and easy cleaning
  • Digital indicator for high accuracy
  • Emergency system shutdown button
  • One year equipment warranty
Sitting Pack
Sitting Pack
Pillow Package
Pillow Package
Brick Package
Brick Package
Doypack Package
Doypack Package
Quadro Package
Quadro Package

Normally we need 8 weeks to produce a machine.

According to our experiences, we suggest you send us your empty bags and filling materials. This make perfect help us for test your machine

You will need just big enough air compressor.

We offer 1 year warranty and lifetime service.


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