PACRONE120 Coffee Roaster

Model No : PACRONE120

PACRONE120 Coffee roasting machine is designed for easy, fast and consistent operation of large-scale coffee roasting.

In order to realize the most important point of the coffee roasting which is the convectional heat transfer to the best advantage, double walled drum is used. The double walled drum provides an equal amount of heat transfer to each bean, preventing the formation of tipping and scorching on the surface of the coffee beans. It provides heat benefit and durability with quality heat insulation. Drum speed, airflow control, flame control and mixer fan control are easily done digitally from the control panel. PACRONE120 gives full control over roasting stages.

Another important point in coffee roasting is the cooling process of roasted coffee. The cooling should be completed in a certain time so that the roasted beans do not lose their flavor. The roasted beans are cooled quickly with large cooling bin and powerful cooling system. While the cooling process is continuing, another batch can be roasted at the same time. PACRONE120 saves time and energy.

Advanced automation and automatic machine options are available. The profile can be saved and roasting programs can be used by connecting to the computer.